Welcome to Exhibition!

Exhibition is a new way to play with your friends during the off-season. You can now challenge other VJA Smash members to competitive matches, waging elo to increase risk. Exhibition statistics will be collected, and at the end of the exhibition season, the top players will be rewarded.

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Stop your friendlies! It's time to go hard! Real matches, tough opponents, and endless fun.

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Make new friends and make memories with old ones alike. Play your friends every week to maximize practice!


Make your way to the likes of Jeff! Steal elo from your fellow VJA Smashers and win prizes.

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Basic Rules

  • Challenge up to 5 players each week.
  • Play matches in real life or Netplay.
  • Matches affect lifetime ladder and new Exhibition Rankings
  • Season 1 begins May 11th. Official end date to be announced.