VJA Smash: Snowstorm

Friday, December 23rd - Jake's House


Merry Christmas Smashers! Get ready for the next generation of VJA Smash with this year's official winter smash tournament! In addition to featuring an intense Melee singles tournament and hype crew battle, this event will also showcase the return of Project M with the inclusion of its own singles competition, round-robin pools and amateur bracket as well! Come compete for prizes and glory and take it to the next level this holiday season with VJA Smash: Snowstorm!

  • Friday, December 23rd
  • 2:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Jake's House
  • 16 Player Cap
  • $5 Buy-in
  • Melee Singles + Project M Singles
  • Pools -> DE Bracket Format
  • Bonus Event: Mafia and Crew Battle
Event is Over


Additional Information


  • 4 stocks, 8 minutes
  • Items: OFF & NONE
  • Team Attack: ON
  • Gentleman's Rule
  • Neutral Stages:
    • Yoshi's Story
    • Dreamland 64
    • Final Destination
    • Battlefield
    • Fountain of Dreams
  • Counterpick Stages:
    • Pokemon Stadium

Learn more about the rules here.


Tournament Admin: Dino


First place in each event will receive an Amiibo.