VJA Smash: Blizzard

Saturday, January 6th - Jake's House


Featuring both Melee singles and doubles, this event will include tons of smash setups, be streamed live on Twitch, have food catering from our proud sponsors at Jet’s Pizza, and will give away a raffle prize open to everyone who comes!

It’s the latest VJA Smash installment that you won’t want to miss.

  • Saturday, January 6th
  • 3:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Jake's House
  • 12 Player Cap
  • $5 Entry Fee
  • Melee Singles + Melee Doubles
  • Double Elimination Format
  • Bonus Event: Mafia
Event is Over


Additional Information


  • 4 stocks, 8 minutes
  • Items: OFF & NONE
  • Team Attack: ON
  • Gentleman's Rule
  • Neutral Stages:
    • Yoshi's Story
    • Dreamland 64
    • Final Destination
    • Battlefield
    • Fountain of Dreams
  • Counterpick Stages:
    • Pokemon Stadium

Learn more about the rules here.


Tournament Admin: Dino


There will be a mystery raffle prize for tournament participants.